Intellectual Property Rights

In India refers to the patents, copyrights and other intangible assets in India. Intellectual property (IP) is a collection of ideas, names, logos and concepts, which can be protected through trademarks, copyrights and patents. If you make it easy for others to steal your ideas, you can ultimately end up washing away your own path to success. So IPR helps you protect your hard work from infringement and misuse by competitors.

What else we do under IPR :

Trademark Name search

We can help you check the name or logo availability, decided by you before filing for the trademark in order to reduce chance of objection later.

Trademark Objection reply filing

In case the government objects to the filed trademark, we can file a suitable reply or attend hearings to get the objection cleared and guide the filed trademark till its finally Registered.

Trademark Renewal

Any registered trademark has to be renewed little before completion of 10 yrs , or it attract penalty if renewed late or sometimes also gets abandoned. We help in renewal of your registered trademark.

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