Any, name, logo, slogan, mark that remotely resembles a business or a product belonging to a certain organization or individual can be defined as its Brand or Service Mark or Trademark. Breaking the term down to its unsophisticated beginning, it means any kind of mark which gives the viewer an individual gratitude of its owner. The importance of a unique and catchy trademark is a high priority for any business to save its goodwill and hard work from being copied by copycats. Here are 5 reasons highlighting the prominence of a trademark to a business.

  1. Sets it apart from multiple products of equal kind: – A trademark distinguishes it from competitor brand. With a logo, anybody can tell which brand or product it belongs to. E.g. When you see a silver colour half bitten apple on a laptop or a phone, you recognize that it is an Apple merchandise.
  2. It provides uniqueness to a brand: – Wouldn’t you want to have a name or logo that speaks itself out, Name or Logo should be such that it is easy to remember and is attractive and one of a kind. So your name or logo provides your product or service a uniqueness in the market. By seeing a logo people know which company brand the product belongs too.
  3. Defends your product’s label: – If you take a registered trademark, you can use it to openly show your authority above your product or service. A registered trademark will provide you a right to use it on all the goods or services registered under your business and henceforth prove that the product belongs to you and you take all the rights to sell, change or use that product howl you want. Trademark registration safeguards your hard work from infringement by your competitors and protect your label.
  4. Trademark Forever: – Your registered trademark will stay with you forever and you can enjoy the goodwill for generations to come. e.g. Plant a sapling today and reap its fruits lifelong.
  5. Protects your Brand’s Image: -You must register your trademark so as to stop someone else from using it. But then again, what if there’s another company using the same name as yours?  Is there somewhat way to stop it? Yes, you can take action legally and refrain him from using it anymore and safeguard your further losses due to duplication. Helps general public of buying duplicated products.

The power of a registered trademark can be judged by reading the “Microsoft vs. MikeRoweSoft” case. It is a hysterical case- but, it demonstrates what a trademark can do. The meaning of that complete case would be that the software massive Microsoft sued the 12th-grade Canadian student for he made a website  According to Microsoft, Mike’s website was phonetically similar to their brand. In the end the conclusion, was a mutual agreement between both the parties and the case settled down. But, more importantly Microsoft was able to get the control of their website with a slight compensation and stopped Mike’s website and got their brand’s uniqueness back.

Same way Burger King wanted to enter the Indian market, but Burger King was already registered trademark in India. So Burger King had to pay a hefty price to the original owner in whose name it was registered in India and took control of the brand in India. The Original owner turned into a millionaire overnight.  Imagine what a trademark can do.

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