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Copyright Registration

Have you created or published a fantastic and unique work ??? And do you wish to secure your quality work legally ??? Copyright registration is best option to protect your creative work within a legal frame. Creativity impacts economical and social development of the society and thus it needs to be encouraged. Copyright registration provides protection to the quality work done by designers, writers, dramatists, artists, musicians, producers of sound recordings and architects, cinematograph films and computer software, encouraging them to continue their creativity.

Copyright registration in India is done under the Copyright Act 1957. Copyright Act offers bundles of rights like communication to the public, the rights of reproduction, adaptation, and translation of the work etc. Copyright is also considered as part of intellectual property as like Trademark and Patents. Only owner of the registered work is permitted to use, reproduce or grant permission to use his/her creative work. Creative work done in the category of Literature (like books, scripts or even software) and audio-visuals (like music, photographs or movies) is liable to register under copyright act too.   

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Basic Requirements for Copyright Registration

  • Basic Details of Applicant: Basic details like name, address and nationality of applicant are necessary prior to registration. 
  • Soft Copies and CDs: Applicant must prepare soft copy of his/her work and all files preferably in JPEG, JPG or GIF format. If you wish to register a copyright for your computer programs, then you must prepare 4 CD or DVD of the respective computer programs.


  • Obtain Trademark Certificate for Artistic Work: If you are submitting copyright registration for any artistic work, clear copyright search certificate has to be obtained from trademark office prior to submission. 


  • Power of Attorney: If applicant is registering a copyright through any legal firm or advocate, power of attorney duly signed by applicant is necessary.

Required Documents

  • A Power of Attorney (neither notarization nor consular legalization required) to be executed by an individual or a representative of a corporation, on a Stamp Paper of Rs.100/- Rupees One Hundred;
  • Soft copy of the work (Preferably in JPEG, JPG or GIF file formats) along with (4) four hard copies of the work;
  • For computer programs four copies of the program on CD ROMs or DVDs;
  • If the work is an “Artistic Work” which can be used as a Trademark, firstly clear copyright search certificate has to be obtained from the Trademark office and only thereafter, application for copyright can be filed in the copyright office.
  • Identity proof (Voting Card, Driving Licence, Passport)
  • Address proof (Passbook, Utility bills)

Steps for Copyright Registration in Pune

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Copyright applied

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Advantages of Copyright Registration

If you found anybody else copying your creative work, you can issue legal notice to them and sue them if your work is protected by the copyright act, 1957 and copyright rules, 2013.

Copyright registration acts as proof of ownership for your creative work and thus you can protect infringement of your work.

Only owner of the copyrighted material or creative work has rights to reproduce it. No other person or company can reproduce it without prior permission of the owner.

If you have copyright for your work in India, it is also considered legal and protected in many other countries. Thus work copyrighted in other countries is considered legal and protected in India.

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