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Change in Registered Office Address of Company / LLP

Principal place of any company or LLP from where all official communication and reminders are sent is known as Registered Office. All the official correspondences from Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) are sent to registered office of company. Thus registered office is very important place as a point of contact to government, general public, shareholders, customers and vendors. 

As per the Companies Act, 2013, it is mandatory for all the companies to keep Registrar of Companies (ROC) informed about the location of registered office and changes thereto time to time. Company law board has to pass a special resolution for changing address of registered office of the company and give a notice to the concerned Registrar within 30 days of change. Prior to address change, company need to publish advertisement in news paper about the change of address of registered office and also required to give a same notice to the respective State Government if transferring from one state to another. Selection of State for new registered office is decided by the Promoters of the Company or LLP.  

Modes of change of address can be as below:

Formalities and process for changing registered office of the company or LLP will depend on the following modes:

  • Change in registered office from one place to another place within the limits of the same city, town or village
  • Change in registered office to a place outside the local limits of the existing place but within the same State under the jurisdiction of the same Registrar of Companies.
  • Change in registered office to a place from the jurisdiction of one Registrar to that of another Registrar within the same State.
  • Change in registered office from one State to another State.     

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Change in Company / LLP Name

Promoters of the company can change name of company or LLP at any time after its incorporation. Major reasons observed for change of company name are change of business model, change of promoters, marketing & rebranding purpose etc. Approval of all the shareholders along with approval from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is must to change name of company or LLP.  

Following are the main steps for changing a name of company or LLP:


  • Board Meeting:


To change name of the company or LLP, a board meeting has to be arranged to pass a resolution for name change and start the procedure for the same with MCA.


  • Name Availability:


Once resolution for name change has been passed in board meeting, name application to MCA can be filed. Your new company or LLP name must be unique following Companies Act, 2013 naming guidelines. 


  • Certificate of Incorporation:


If your name change application is approved by Registrar of Companies, a new certificate of incorporation would be issued.


  • Change MOA and AOA:


Once your new company or LLP name is approved by MCA and certificate of incorporation is received, you must change your existing MOA and AOA replacing old company name with new one.

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Change in Authorised Capital

Maximum number of shares a company can issue to its shareholders is decided based on authorised capital of the company which is mentioned in MOA and AOA at the time of incorporation. Thus company has no rights to issue shares exceeding authorised capital. As business grows, company requires additional capital to expand, invest, issue new shares and meet working capital needs. In such situation, law has given rights to increase authorised capital of the company with approval from shareholders and ROC. Board of directors passes a resolution to increase the authorised capital of the company and thus modifies the MOA and AOA effecting the change.      

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Change in LLP Agreement

Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) concludes of constitution of Company whereas Limited Liability Partnership Agreement is the charter of LLP. LLP agreement defines the scope and extend of LLP’s operations as well as the rights, duties and obligations of the partners. To change LLP agreement, a resolution has to be passed by all the partners approving the revision of the LLP agreement. Once resolution is approved, file Form 3 with the respective Registrar within 30 days after the amendment in the agreement. Amendments to LLP agreement can be required in case of change of name, change of registered address, increase of authorised capital etc.

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