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Trademark Registration

Do you wish to distinguish your product and stand out from the crowd ??? Would you mind if somebody else uses your brand name or logo for which you have invested your hard work and profits ??? Every entrepreneur has emotional and economical connect with their brand name / logo / tagline and thus they wish to protect it legally to restrict others to use it for their commercial purposes. 

Trademark Registration is best solution to protect your brand name or logo because just company or business registration process will not protect your brand name or logo from infringement. 

To avoid any misuse, copy or infringement of your brand name / logo/ products /services, registering a trademark is very important and essential, as it protects your hard work and safeguards you from losses occurred due to duplication from your competitors. People invest huge amounts in their business but do not realize how important it is to invest in getting a simple  trademark registration done which could help generations to work smoothly and protect their sales. Trademark can be registered for logo, design, image, shape, tagline, name, etc. Trademark is considered as an intellectual property and thus it needs to be registered under the Trademark Act, 1999. 

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What it means by Symbol ‘TM’ and ‘R’?

For registering a Trademark, you first need to apply for trademark with all the necessary documents. This is also known as Filing for your Trademark Government then proceeds with their back end process and in return gives you acknowledgment letter for the Trademark. At this stage, applicant can use TM sign with their business name and it indicates that applicant has applied for trademark but IPR is not yet granted for that trademark. It takes 6 to 20 months by government to process and approve your registration. If the name or logo used for registration is unique, it usually gets approved within just 6 months and gives freedom to applicant of using ‘R’ over his business name or logo.

Role of IPR in Trademark Registration Process:

If objection is taken by IPR on your trademark, applicant needs to submit justification request through a counter reply. If IPR finds your justification reply satisfactory, it will forward your application for further processing else your application is put further for Hearing with the IPR officer, then if approved the same application shall be Accepted or if Disapproved by the IPR officer during the Hearing, the application shall get Abandoned or Cancelled and again new complete fresh trademark application has to be filed. 

If trademark applied is similar or same to any other already registered trademark in same line of business, IPR can object your application. Due to discretionary powers assigned to IPR, it can register or discard any trademark application if found violating uniqueness policies.

Required Documents

  • Identity proof of the director
  • Power of Attorney
  • Trademark information form and affidavit
  • Address proof of the director
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Partnership Bid
  • Individual address

Minimum Requirements

  • Name of the Trademark/Service
  • Full Name & Nationality of the Proprietor/Partners
  • List of goods/services and classes or services according to the International Classification
  • Translation of the Non-English word appearing on the mark
  • The exact meaning of the mark, if any in the foreign language other then the English language
  • Priority under the Paris convention can now be claimed in India. Details of Convention priority, if any first filed country, filing number and date.
  • Details of Convention priority, if any first filed country, filing number and date.

Steps for Trademark Registration in Pune

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Advantages of Trademark Registration

If you find anybody else copying your brand name /logo, you can issue legal notice to them and sue them if your brand name / logo are registered under the trademark act.

This is the era of brand love and many customers are loyal brand followers. Thus they identify their products or service using brand name / logo. Thus registering a trademark gives a unique identity to your products and let your business name stand as a brand.

To build long term relationships, trust and goodwill with your customers through your products or service, a registered trademark is of great help. For selling your products over online platforms, unique identity is a key towards great success.

A trademark if registered in India can be registered in other countries too very easily. In the same manner, foreigners can also register their trademark in India easily.

If your brand becomes most profitable name in your industry sector, you can benefit it commercially by selling or franchising it.

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